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Today's Must Have: This Bidet Will Save Your A$$

If you got poop on your hand, would you just smear it with a priece of paper, then proceed to each lunch and scroll through your news feed? I hope not!

Then why would you leave your butt hanging like that?

Show it some respect and wash that s**t off!

Besides feeling a-hole lot cleaner, there’s also health reasons like reduced chance of UTI’s, less hemorrhoid irritation, and less damage caused by toilet paper

You’ll also save a ton of money by cutting back on the amount of toilet paper used. Not to mention the hassle of stocking up before all the stores run out, again

And as a direct result, you’ll also save a ton of trees since you won’t need them to smear poop around your butt

These are plenty of reason to use a bidet – get yours today!