Temperature Controlled Bidet Sprayer


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If you got poop on your hand, would you just smear it with a priece of paper, then proceed to each lunch and scroll through your news feed? I hope not!

Then why would you leave your butt hanging like that?

Show it some respect and wash that s**t off!

Besides feeling a-hole lot cleaner, there's also health reasons like reduced chance of UTI's, less hemorrhoid irritation, and less damage caused by toilet paper

You'll also save a ton of money by cutting back on the amount of toilet paper used. Not to mention the hassle of stocking up before all the stores run out, again

And as a direct result, you'll also save a ton of trees since you won't need them to smear poop around your butt

These are plenty of reason to use a bidet - get yours today!

  • Spray Type: Horizontal
  • Tap hole: 2 Holes
  • Faucet Tapping: 2 Holes
  • Installation Type: Mount with existing toilet and seat
  • Features:
    • Rear wash
    • Feminine wash
    • Temperature control
    • Water pressure adjust
    • Nozzle cleaning

Spa experience

Pulsating fresh water dialed in to the perfect temperature will leave you feeling comfortable and confident every time you "go"


This bidet fits flat style toilets and has a nice look in every bathroom
It's easy to install and does not require any electricity or batteries


Posterior and feminine cleaning & Pulsating Power Wash function.




It has a slim design and is made with a strong SafeCore Internal Valve, no plumber or tools needed for installation. It installs on your existing toilet by simply removing the seat and adding your new bidet accessory. Then, use the provided pieces to attach to your water lines.


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